Bagas Zakariah  

In Reflection

It was an experience to have this opportunity to restore this traditional Malay House that once belonged to my Grandfather. Honestly, despite my training and profession, there were moments that I thought might not be able to complete the restoration as we had a very tight budget. We also had to relied heavily on the workmen especially the local Chinese carpenters to correctly put the building back together. Although, initially there was a bigger plan to transformed the general area into a complete retreat, I had to put the idea on hold due to a limited budget. I had plans to extend and connect the traditional Perak Malay House with a modern version of a Tropical Vernacular house or retreat to complement the old and the new. Hopefully, my dream to add a modern tropical retreat to complement the existing traditional retreat will come true in the near future.

I hope that with this restoration , the house will be maintained for the next 80 years, so that the future generations can experience a “Kampung” life in a natural setting and amongst fully growndurian trees. Sadly today, not many of the traditional houses are maintained in its original form. Many similar beautiful traditional houses were completely destroyed. Hopefully, this example will inspire others to make real effort to restore other traditional houses for future generation to appreciate the beauty of Traditional Malay Architecture. Although, we did not change much of original design, the interior of the house turned up better than I expected and it now has a comfortable feel to it and suitable for modern living. My next task is to dig out old photographs to add nostalgia to the house.

Azim Tan Sri Aziz
- Bagas Zakariah, Gopeng Perak -